Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, let's start this again why don't we

Not sure what this was intended to be all those years ago when I set up the page, but it's gonna be something now. Possibly.

Right now I've got some priorities I should have sorted years ago (maybe that's what it was for?) but whatever, I'm doing it now.

First, I'm fat. No other words, unless they've changed the obesity threshold recently... Checking random calculators on the internet, I'm 30-40 pounds overweight. That's a lot. Don't think so? go grab a 20lb. kettle bell and swing it a couple times. I'm hauling two of those around for no reason other than sheer laziness. I can't regrow hair, but I can control what I eat and when I sit.

This ain't rocket surgery, people.

Second, I need a new job. After ten years of constant employment, I'll be out of work soon, and I just can't imagine spending another ten years on repeat. I hate the corporate culture and yet my only marketable skills pretty much lock me in to it. And I like those skills.

So I guess I'll be putting down here what I'm doing about these things, secretly hoping no one ever reads it (yet secretly-secretly yearning for really no one to ever read it).